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ABOUT HVTSThe HASCO Vehicle Tracking System (HVTS) represents a pivotal advancement in the realm of law enforcement technology, specifically tailored to enhance civilian safety and fortify crime prevention efforts in the city of Juba, South Sudan. As a live tracking system meticulously designed for integration into the local police control room, HVTS serves as a beacon of innovation


Our mission is to deploy the HASCO Vehicle Tracking System (HVTS) in Juba’s police control room to leverage advanced tracking technology for the real-time monitoring of vehicles. By doing so, we aim to significantly reduce emergency response times, ensuring the safety of citizens by providing swift assistance 

Live Tracking

Protecting your vehicle from tampering and unauthorized access is crucial. Tamper alerts notify you if there’s any attempt to tamper with your vehicle, such as someone trying to disable the GPS system or forcefully gaining entry. This feature ensures that any unauthorized interference is immediately detected, allowing you to take swift action to safeguard your vehicle.

Engine Cut-Off

Imagine having the power to remotely disable your vehicle’s engine in case of theft or unauthorized use. Engine cut-off technology provides just that. With a simple command, you can immobilize your vehicle, rendering it inoperable until you decide to reactivate it. This feature not only deters potential thieves but also adds an extra layer of control over your vehicle’s security

HVTS Features

In an age where technology revolutionizes every aspect of our lives, the realm of vehicle tracking and security is no exception. Modern innovations have given rise to a new era of control and vigilance over our vehicles, ensuring their safety and enhancing our peace of mind. Let’s delve into the key features that are transforming the way we perceive and manage vehicles.